Additional tips in case of broken wire or loose braces

The orthodontic problems you may encounter while our practice is closed are mostly quite benign and should not require an immediate medical intervention.

If you do not have any pain and the discomfort is minimal, you should do nothing!

If it is painful and it hurts, we recommend that you use orthodontic wax and put it on everything that hurts (if you do not have any, you can use instead the red wax that surrounds Babybel type cheeses, earwax can also be suitable).

Then do not hesitate to cut the wires that stick out and hurt with a pair of wire cutters (the one used to make necklaces is ideal, large nail clippers with a thin tip can also be used).

Orthodontists recommend not hesitating to cut the wire sharply in several places and to slide the different pieces through the braces with tweezers.