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This site is intended to present Dr. Alain SOUCHET's Orthodontic Practice.

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This site was built for Dr Souchet's patients and for any person interested in orthodontics.

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Healthcare and medical information in this site was written by Dr. Souchet, MD, Stomatologist and Certified Orthodontist. In no case whatsoever the information from this site can replace the opinions, the recommendations or the prescriptions from Dr. Souchet.

Dr Alain Souchet
Immeuble Grand Rex
33A avenue de Colmar
68200 Mulhouse France
Tel.: +33 (0)3 89 42 31 13

Medical National Association n°: 68 1 03819 6
SIRET n°: 347 630 329 00048
RPPS n°: 10002457272
Panel practitioner - section 1
Member of a Registered Accounting Association (AGA-type).

Treatment fees:
Should a treatment be considered, the patient will systematically receive a detailed quote at the end of the first appointment.

> Children under 16: from 690 € to 810 € per semester. Sécurité Sociale reimburses 193.50 € per semester for a maximum of 6 semesters and for one or two years of retention. Health Insurance limits its responsibility to treatments initiated before the age of 16.

> Adults: from 4 500 € to 7 500 €, depending on the technique we will select for a full treatment (about 2 years + 1 year for retention).

No reimbursement from Sécurité Sociale.

Dr. Souchet works in close collaboration with other healthcare professionals: Dental Surgeons, Orthodontists, GP MDs and Specialists (ENT Specialists, Ophthalmologists, Dermatologists, Sports Medicine Physicians, etc.).

This site does not disclose any personal information about the patient. In order to access his/her personal on-line section, an ID and a password are given directly to the patient or parent. Specific treatment questions are addressed during an appointment with Dr. Alain Souchet. Our staff must respect and protect the confidentiality of all patients' files.

Location for answering emergency situations:
This practitioner performs his treatment in a practice which coordinates are mentioned on the documents the patient will receive.
Dr. Alain Souchet's site neither accepts nor receives any advertising fee. The site is strictly financed by its publisher: Dr Alain Souchet.

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