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Dr. Alain Souchet and his team are available for answering your questions about:

Orthodontic treatment objectives,
Possible orthodontic options,
The different advisable appliances,
Treatment constraints,
Treatment duration,
Frequency of control appointments.



Dr. Alain Souchet
Tél. : 03 89 42 31 13
Email :

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01.01.2015 The Suresmile technology

In our search for accuracy and better results, we have been using the suresmile technology since...

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31.10.2014 PLATINUM ELITE Invisalign® 2014

Choosing an experienced doctor can make a big difference : whether you’re an adult or teen, Dr...

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15.06.2011 French Prize for Quality Management

After being labeled ISO 9001 each year since 2006 -and continuing our journey towards excellence,...

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